Learn the selling strategy that thousands of sales people world-wide are using to grow themselves and get results.

23 Chapters of Compelling Advice for Sellers

Same Game New Rules

23 Timeless Principles For Selling & Negotiating.

  • Change Starts With a Look in the Mirror
  • Denial Limits Achievement
  • Process Makes Perfect
  • Detachment Increases Your Power
  • Vision Strengthens Your Inner Game
  • The Most Successful Salespeople Engage in Concerted Market Activity
  • You Only Have One Chance at a Clean Beginning
  • Too Much Enthusiasm Costs You Money
  • Selling Is Half Intellect and Half Emotion
  • Know How and Why People Take Action
  • You’re Always in Danger of Sinking into the Commodity Dungeon
  • High Intent Yields High Results



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"The one thing that Caskey has taught our salespeople is to think differently. I’m watching our people think bigger, get invited in to more opportunities and close more sales – 30% more revenue in the last year – than we ever did before."

-John Hill, President of First Bankers Corp.

  • Keep Them OK & Go to the Bank
  • The More You Talk, the More Likely You Are to Say Something Stupid
  • There Is Wisdom in Ignorance
  • Prospects Are People First
  • Never Ask Questions That Force Your Prospect to Lie
  • Effortless Conversation Breaks Down Resistance
  • Your Need for Approval Will Cost You Thousands
  • Understand the Laws of Money
  • Money Arrives When You’re Ready
  • Things You Shouldn’t Say
  • Have a Universal Process